About us


HYP3 began when a group of best friends from high school with a passion for helping people, living a healthy lifestyle, and motivating others came together.
Our goal was to build a business that offers top tier apparel and gear, while also making people feel good - a company that gives back to cancer patients and inspires others to do the same. To put it simply - great clothes for a great cause. Together, we can make a difference.

Why cancer patients?

According to the Huffington Post, 12.7 MILLION people discover that they have cancer each year. The average cost for an initial treatment is around $7,000 and some estimates have treatment costs as high as $30,000. This disease alone puts an ungodly amount of stress on a family. The last thing a family should have to worry about is the cost to potentially save their family member’s life. We want to be the ones there to help them. HYP3 donates a portion of each sale to a family that needs help paying for their cancer treatment. We hope to help take the stress off, and help potentially save a life.

The original “Triple Hype”

HYP3 wasn’t always what it is now. We initially founded our company back in September of 2016, and then officially launched as “Triply Hype” in April of 2017. At that time, we were fulfilling orders day in and day out from our dorm room! Our initial store only had a single t-shirt for sale, in four different colors. Ah, what an amazing time that was!

Since then, as we made the transition to HYP3 after deciding what was best for our company, our store has grown into what it is today! Sweatshirts, hats, crew necks, tank tops and more!

We relocated as well after each of us graduated from Valparaiso University. We are now in downtown Charlotte in North Carolina! The move has helped us focus on what’s needed and what’s best for the company, as we are doing this full time!

We want to see you!

With HYP3, we set out to inspire and bring a ton of different people together, as we all want the same thing, to help others! There is nothing we love more than to have someone send a picture to us wearing their HYP3 apparel, and you can check out all of the people who have sent it in this far! You could be next! :)